“Zoom is not my thing” was a response to an invite I sent to a friend for a program I organized that I thought he would enjoy. He is not the only person I know that doesn’t do Zoom.

This got me thinking about the introduction of the telephone. I am sure that many people did not do telephones – it was not their thing. Likewise for radios, air conditioning, automobiles and probably email and texting.

Thinks change. Perpetually. Continuously. Constantly. Some for the good and sometimes for the bad, but progress leads from many more good changes than bad ones. Life is made interesting by changes and shifts from monotony. I know many do not like changes and that many are happy and content with the way things are. However, change is injected in small doses. Usually few changes are thrust upon us in great spurts. This changed because of the pandemic. I know very few people that are happy about what is going on with mostly everyone hoping for an end of it. However, many things changed because of it.

Most of who I know chose to adopt what they could to ease some of the pain and discomfort. One of the things is remote virtual contact such as on Zoom and similar software. I never heard of Zoom before I was told I had to teach my class on Zoom after Fairleigh Dickinson closed down and went virtual on March 17th. I took three training courses run by FDU to “teach” me about it. This weekend I taught two friends how to use it in about 17 minutes. When I started with them it wasn’t their thing, and now it is.

Trying new things takes courage, guts and chances, and sometimes it makes sense…and makes things better. The loss doesn’t come from not succeeding but from not trying.

Radios, telephones, emails and now Zoom. They once were new, and now they are “your thing.”

If you haven’t moved on, then try now to make some of the new things “your thing.”

The New York Telephone Co. ad is from 1918/1919 and it looks like telephones caught on.

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