On-Demand Webinar: Winning the War for Talent in 2022

Strategies for Attracting Top Laterals and Re-Attracting Existing Talent

With client demand for services high and attrition rates troublesome, law firm leaders are actively pursuing growth strategies through hiring lateral groups and individuals. Lateral growth is a costly endeavor. What do leading law firms do to execute effective acquisition and hiring strategies, retain existing talent and mitigate risk? In this on-demand webinar, Withum’s Law Firm Advisory team partners with industry experts Decipher to uncover how firms can thrive amidst a white-hot hiring market and uncertain economy.

A winning battle strategy is critical for law firms to compete in 2022’s war for talent. Listen in as we will reveal high-impact ways to increase hiring success, lower lateral risk and share how leading law firms are using effective due diligence to better attract, acquire and keep talent.

Viewers Will Learn About

  • Leading trends for firm growth in 2022
  • Effective due diligence strategies for great lateral acquisitions/hires
  • What your firm can do to grow efficiently and retain high cost hires