On-Demand Webinar: Put Your NetSuite Data to Work – Discover Better NetSuite Reporting

Reporting tools can help businesses make valuable data-driven decisions that can ensure your organization’s success.

If you and your team are struggling with reporting in NetSuite and/or in manual Excel spreadsheets, it’s time to explore NetSuite’s Power BI reporting solution.

Withum’s NetSuite Lead, Chris Higgins, and special guest Josh LaSov, Founder of ZoneReporting (formerly Satori) are here to provide their guidance.

Viewers Will Learn About

  • A limitless reporting solution built for NetSuite by NetSuite experts in the #1 ranked BI tool – Power BI, and
  • How 50+ pre-built reports provide business insights on Day 1; and
  • Why integrating your other data sources with your NetSuite data is critical for end-to-end reporting.

Meet Our Presenters

Chris Higgins

Manager, Management Consulting Services - Withum

Josh LaSov

Founder - ZoneReporting