On-Demand Webinar: Accelerating Process Automation with Low/No-Code Forms Technology

Accelerating Your Process Automation with Low/No-Code Forms Technology

How Withum automated a complex business process using WEBCON from Proof of Concept to Successful Delivery in a couple of months.

View our on-demand webinar to learn about a low-code intelligent process automation platform WEBCON BPS for Microsoft 365. Learn how we enabled our customers to convert hundreds of requests per month into a seamless and standardized business process. We will teach you how we translated a complex process into a simple, intuitive solution using WEBCON BPS.

Viewers Will Learn About

  • How Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Forms compare to WEBCON
  • Key Features of WEBCON BPS that makes the tool unique and robust
  • How to take an idea and see instant results by implementing changes on the fly
  • How to quickly generate system documentation without writing a line of code
  • How to take advantage of the dynamic reporting feature so you can measure outcomes and reduce bottlenecks

“Reporting is cumbersome making the auditing/analysis a challenge”

“I have a business process that changes often, and I need an adaptive platform to support it”.

“I receive requests via e-mail and it is very hard to keep track of completed tasks”

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