On-Demand Webinar: Hot Topics in State and Local Taxes

In this series opener, we will discuss the most pressing state and local tax (SALT) issues affecting your business. We will touch on several topics impacting both state income taxes and sales tax including Economic Nexus, Sales/Use Tax (i.e. Wayfair), Pass Through Entity Tax, State Residency, Federal Law Nexus Protections (i.e. Public Law 86-272), Mobile Workforce/Telecommuting, and Gross Receipts taxes.

Listen in as this webinar will examine the latest developments in state and local tax, exploring recently enacted legislation, administrative pronouncements, and pivotal case law that may profoundly impact businesses across the nation.

Viewers Will Learn About

  • Demonstrate basic understanding of how a myriad of state and local taxes can affect your business.
  • Understand the potential nexus creating activities that trigger filing obligations of various state tax types.
  • Identify opportunities to mitigate state taxes while maximizing potential tax benefits, such as the use of a pass-through entity tax election, changing residence, and sourcing of revenues.


James A. Bartek


Whippany, NJ

Jason Rosenberg


New York, NY

Jonathan Weinberg

Senior Manager - Withum