On-Demand Webinar: Changing Residency – An Update

As a result of telecommuting, many people are choosing to relocate to states where they feel they can enjoy a higher quality of life.

While there are myriad reasons for why individuals choose to relocate, if a change in state residency is not done correctly, the individual may remain subject to tax in the state they intended to leave as well as become taxable in the state the individual moved to. Join us for a discussion on the nuances of domicile, residency, and the requirements to change state tax residency.

Viewers Will Learn About

  • Identifying and applying New York’s residency requirements
  • Identifying the methods to effectively change one’s domicile to another state
  • Identifying key issues facing New York residents and nonresidents and strategies to defend positions in case of audits

Meet Our Presenters

Jonathan Weinberg


Los Angeles, CA

Zhoudi Tang

Manager - Withum