On-Demand Webinar: Take Advantage of Office 365 with OneWindow

Over the last few months, adoption of Office 365 has moved from e-mail to Teams (there are currently 115 million active users!), but there’s so much more available to you. Working with our clients we’ve identified several ways to connect all of the different pieces of Office 365 and have created some technology to make it easier.

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On-Demand Webinar Details

In this on-demand webinar, we dive into how you can make a good first impression when onboarding remote staff, keep productivity up, and take advantage of features you already own.

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We cover features like:

  • Reminders – Used for User Onboarding and infrequent corporate wide actions that need to be taken and tracked. Integrates SharePoint or Microsoft Teams and planner (see Onboarding blog).
  • My Radar – A single location to see associated content for one or many projects in one place, from Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, Planner, To Do and DevOps.
  • My News – Central communication, personalized for your team members, in the time of remote work.

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