On-Demand Webinar: Lobbying, Simplified: Getting Out There, Knowing the Rules, and Reporting Your Costs

After a complex election and several years of being plagued by a global pandemic, more associations and nonprofits have connected with legislators than ever before. With increasing activity, and a return to in person events on Capitol Hill and in most states, it has never been more important to be in compliance with the law, understand the various definitions of lobbying, and report your costs properly.

This webinar includes the perspective of an executive director, a lobbyist, and an accountant — and will include tips for a strong lobbying strategy, tracking expenses accurately, and stories from people in the field. Whether you are a national trade association with a deep bench of lobbyists on staff, or a charitable organization considering entering the advocacy arena, you will find value in this session where we will examine lobbying compliance and reporting at various levels. Bring your questions and your calculator!

Viewers Will Learn About

  • Explaining how, over the last several years, lobbying and advocacy has changed
  • Describing federal and state lobbying registration requirements
  • Defining the various definitions of lobbying and where they should be used
  • Recognizing how IRS reporting differs from state and federal law
  • Identifying what expenses should be considered in calculating lobbying costs
  • Evaluating common pitfalls that organizations and associations encounter when it comes to lobbying compliance

Meet our Presenters

Brian Bender


Washington, DC

Micaela Isler

Executive Director - National Association of Business Political Action Committees (NABPAC)