On-Demand Webinar: Not-for-Profit Basics for Board Members

This session will discuss how a not-for-profit is formed, the needs that should be considered, and the basics of financial reporting principles.

We will go in-depth into a detailed review of form 990 and how to understand the 990 if you are a board member of governance at a not-for-profit.

Viewers Will Learn About

  • Understand how a not-for-profit is formed and what needs to be considered.
  • Analyze board member basics for corporate governance.
  • Evaluate basic financial reporting principles and concepts that affect not-for-profit financial statements.
  • Detail review of form 990 to understand how to digest the 990 if you are a board member or governance at a not-for-profit.

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Meet Our Speakers

Israel Tannenbaum


New York, NY

Amanda Romond


Princeton, NJ - Corporate Headquarters