My Memoirs of a CPA book has been published and is available in Kindle and print editions at The book was written so students and those contemplating public accounting as a career or already working in a CPA firm would have an inside look at what CPAs do. However, this book is also valuable for anyone who uses the services of a CPA either for a complicated tax return or for their business, and here is why.

I explain the various ways CPAs can charge for their services including a story of how three of my clients paid completely different fees for the same result and what I did wrong in pricing my services for the second and third clients. If you are a client, you might find this helpful about how you pay for new or novel services. I also explained my training method and how I got started with it and the success I’ve had.

I believe this is something that anyone who has people working for them can adapt and take away ideas from. I also wrote about the value of referrals and how they work. Anyone in business can grow much better if present clients, customers or patients refer them. Adopting just one tip can pay huge dividends to anyone reading my book.

I am a CPA and ran an accounting practice, but in reality, my work was as a CPA, and my job was as a business owner and manager running a CPA business. The mechanics of my work might not be that interesting to someone who isn’t a CPA, but how I ran my business should be. I was very successful and had a great career doing what I loved to do – both the CPA work and the entrepreneurship activities.

I was considered a top marketer and brander as a CPA, carefully watched the cash flow and bottom line, grew staff to do most of my work, and developed services to lead my clients into their future.

In many situations, where I might have done my best work, I was included in the beginning and planning stages and meetings and oversaw the implementation but rarely got any credit or thanks. What I did get were my fees paid promptly, regular increases, rarely losing a client and the first call when my clients were thinking about doing something new. That fed my ego, and provided my living, enabled me to fully fund my retirement accounts and to have funds to grow my infrastructure and an occasional profit. I did not need the accolades but needed the rest. Plus, I had a great time and loved what I did, interacting with clients, partners, staff, and colleagues, and I still love it!

This book is really good, in my opinion and came out the way I envisioned it. And it is priced at only $5.99 for the Kindle edition (or $24.95 for the paperback version), and I am not likely to get rich off of it. However, at this stage of my career, I could afford to do something that I think will give back to my profession and provide a glimpse into something that few people outside of the CPA business really understand about how we run our practices.

Right now, the book is only being sold on Amazon. If you do not have a Kindle, you can download an app for free on your laptop, desktop, or iPad from and make your first purchase of my book. I have also been told that anyone with Kindle Unlimited can read it for free and I will get a penny royalty. Not too bad if 100,000,000 people read it this way. I can dream, can’t I? Well, that’s what entrepreneurs do – they dream. I dreamed about what became my great career.

In closing, I have three words for you: Buy My Book!

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