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Implementing IT Solutions – Effectively and Efficiently

Implementing IT Solutions - Effectively and Efficiently

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You know your business. You know your customers. You know your competition. But do you know enough about your technology?

Given how quickly technology (computer and data systems) has evolved since the mid-1990s, it is not surprising that many family-owned and/or mid-size car dealerships can be overwhelmed by the advances and find it challenging to ‘keep up.’ Beyond technology having a revolutionary impact on culture and commerce through the internet, email, instant messaging, Skype, blogs and social media, information technology (IT) tools and applications designed to help run your business can be incredibly effective and have a significant impact on success in a dynamic market. Unfortunately, however, simply investing in IT to help run and operate your business, does not guarantee success.

When considering whether or not your organization’s approach to technology is appropriate, you must consider general controls over various processes and functional areas as well as the knowledge and capabilities of the professionals who interact with the technology on a regular basis. Provided below are just some of the questions to ask:

  • What does my control environment look like? Do I have the proper professionals engaged? Do I have an IT plan? What level of risk am I willing to accept related to IT?
  • When we experience change (e.g. a new system, increased productivity, etc.), are we properly training individuals and managing the change to achieve our objectives? Do I understand the procurement options available to me regarding my technology?
  • What access do people have to my data and programs? Do I have the necessary network and physical security in place? How would I respond to a breach or incident? Am I protecting my customer information?
  • Do we appropriately store and backup necessary data? Would I be able to continue operations and recover information in the event of a disaster?
  • Are my professionals properly trained and knowledgeable about our technology? Are they aware of risks and potential threats and informed enough not to expose the business?

All too often, organizations are faced with having to respond or react to a ‘situation.’ To the extent they had a proactive approach to assessing technology using a practical methodology, they could have saved time and money, not to mention alleviated some undue stress and angst. Benefits of conducting a technology assessment and developing a resulting ‘roadmap’ or strategy are numerous:

You need to understand the problem before you can develop a solution. Identifying gaps and weaknesses that may expose your business enables you to become better informed and effectively respond as appropriate. The best-in-class IT solution may not be the right answer for everyone. A tailored approach is often most effective.

Optimizing technology can enhance productivity. Whether you have a mature technology platform or very basic capabilities, it is important to utilize its full potential to help ensure users are empowered to execute their responsibilities efficiently and effectively. And it is important for your organization to realize the value from the technology investment.

Asking the questions above serves to start the conversation. Beginning to understand your technology environment and related needs enables you to appropriately mitigate current risks, plan for the future and begin to think holistically about enhancing your operations.

Withum can cover this topic and what is happening in the marketplace. We have professionals who specialize in information technology control assessments and remediation plans along with addressing cybersecurity threats. We also cover the people aspect with user adoption programs. We’re here to position our clients to Be in a Position of Strength.

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