Influence of Modern Technology on Manufacturing

The American manufacturing industry is massive. Covering everything from food products to fabricated metals, manufacturing accounts for more than 11% of the country’s entire economic output.

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Whether you’re developing smartphone cameras or airplane parts, you are likely challenged with manual and ad hoc processes that can generate large volumes of unstructured data critical to successfully navigating the product life cycle, from planning and design to distribution to customer success. That’s why we’ve assembled this high-level overview of technology in manufacturing that makes smooth operations possible.

Key Points Covered

  • The basics of each manufacturing process and the influence manufacturing software has on the journey to a finished product.
  • Look at the state of manufacturing technology and tackle some of the most common industry tech questions: Where are we now? And, perhaps more importantly, where are we going?
  • Provide feedback on tools and manufacturing software to improve your manufacturing capabilities.

Manufacturing Process Software Applications

Information management needs and requirements for each major process typically rest upon dedicated manufacturing software (i.e. platforms or point solutions) to manage data. There are numerous manufacturing process software applications purpose-built for the industry, including:

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