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Fifth Anniversary of Partners-Network Blog

Fifth Anniversary of Partners-Network Blog

Tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of the blog. This is the 520th blog that has been posted at a twice a week frequency. I have the over 900 subscribers to thank as well as the many others that read the blogs sporadically. I also appreciate the many emails and calls I get thanking me, commenting or asking questions. I would like that more if they posted them as comments so it could be open to a wider discussion.

The blogs cover a wide range of topics with some that would make a substantial book. In all I wrote over 240,000 words making the average blog about 460 words. The focus is to cover issues clients are concerned about and most of the blogs did that. Some involve me personally and my interests and hobbies, the accounting profession, book reviews, obituaries, some might be termed “creative writing,” and some provide updates about what is happening at Withum. The client focused blogs include business management and leadership, investing, financial planning and taxes.

Many of the blogs are generated by calls from clients. If I feel others would be interested, I write it up. The first draft takes about an hour and the editing adds an hour and half to two hours. For the last year Matt Basilo from our marketing department posts them after a quick look to see if anything egregious stands out.

I am asked if I get much business from the blogs and I do, but not the way one might expect. I rarely get a client from someone who reads the blog and feels they must call me and become a client. Rather readers occasionally pass on a blog to someone they know that has that issue and I get the client by way of this referral. The other way is when I print out a blog and mail it to a client or someone I know with a note that they should read the blog and call me if they want additional information or a consultation. That is very effective and almost always results in some business but the reality is it is an opportunity to assist clients in a critical area they weren’t aware of how a solution can be realized. Of course the personal stuff is just an expression of my interests and really has no business purpose except, maybe, to show what a great and interesting guy I am [and modest, too].

I like writing the blogs; find it very satisfying; and feel that they provide solutions to needs clients have and are an opportunity to offer some free information. Thank you for reading them, and I am looking forward to continuing for many more years to come.

P.S. This blog is exactly 460 words.

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