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Eighth Anniversary of Partners’ Network Blog


Just completed my eighth year of posting two blogs a week – 827 blogs – primarily on many issues my clients have expressed interest in. Some blogs also were personal to me and some called attention to the many nontraditional services we perform.

When I tell people I meet that I am a CPA, I still occasionally get asked what I do when it isn’t tax season. Well, plenty of things. In the last couple years I posted blogs about some really cool things we do here at Withum. One thing that blew my mind was when I found out that we are one of the top global consulting firms preventing cyber-theft and creating cybersecurity systems. I also wrote about our cost segregation services, the two-day diagnostic reviews, transfer pricing, task list for when you sell your business, team comp plans for auto dealers, not-for-profits with related foundations, selling unwanted life insurance policies, assisting businesses contemplating bankruptcy or those that have a major customer that has filed under Chapter 11, establishing domicile in states with no state taxes, outsourced CFO, accounting and bookkeeping services newly branded as OASyS™ – Outsourced Accounting Systems and Services, and a buy-sell and succession planning tool kit for single owner or multiple owner businesses. [I can email you the tool kit if you request it from me at GoodiesFromEd@withum.com.]

There are so many more services we perform and what I’ve tried to do through the blogs is make our firm accessible to potential clients and colleagues by being available to get calls on issues they are confronting and need someone to discuss it with. For calls I couldn’t handle, I have been referring one of our 120 partners or other experts in a particular area. Occasionally this has also led to new business for us. So, a goal, besides providing a ton of information addressing current concerns clients have is to indicate our resources and availability. In some respects I am a window into Withum reducing a 1200-person firm to an easily reachable person…me. A big-time bonus for me is that it has enabled me to interact with many of the people here that I might not know or who just know casually. I particularly like it when colleagues I’ve spoken to over the phone or Skype’d let me know when they will be in my East Brunswick so we could meet in person.

My Fantastic Support


While I’ve written most of the blogs I have had assistance from many people that are more knowledgeable in some areas than I am, and have mentioned them and provided their contact information in those blogs. I also have the fantastic support from the marketing team at Withum. The two that I work with on every blog are Ashley Krompier and Krysten Hambrook; however, I get tremendous speech handout covers from Ashton Abby and ads from Madison Klarer, ready assistance on any outside the norm software maneuver from Heather Campisi and now am working closely with Tanina Khanuja and Casey Gaynor on the fulfillment of the requests for additional information I’ve recently received from attendees of my webinars. Our chief marketing officer, Rhonda Maraziti, is a continual source of inspiration and ideas and an ever-ready sounding board. There are many others not listed here, particularly those that are always available for backup.

Krysten Ed Ashley at SOTF 2020

On this milestone anniversary, I thank my readers, clients and support people and look forward to providing much more useful information to you, along with occasional goodies.
The photo above shows me with Krysten (on left) and Ashley.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any business or financial questions at emendlowitz@withum.com or fill out the form below.

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