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Ed’s Business Model

Ed’s Business Model

This follows through on previous management blogs.  Follow it, print it out and re-read it every day.

  • Delegating permits leveraging your knowledge and ability
  • Leveraging creates opportunities for both the manager and team member
  • Delegating signifies the trust that what is needed to be done, will be done the way it needs to be done by the due date
  • The organization’s system should create a method of training, supervision, oversight and confidence that the work will be done the way it should be done
  • The system should establish a structure to make it easier to delegate and manage, and get the work done right – the first time
  • Checklists are part of the system by making it easier to lay out what needs to be done, how and in what order
  • Not following the system (including using the checklists) the right way causes added work, time, supervision, stress and destroys the business model
  • Not following the system reduces profits, growth and opportunities for everyone in the organization and for the organization
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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

I read a lot of finance publications. Those for professionals provide pretty sophisticated analyses while those for the general public have short articles with single points that are easy to absorb. The July 2019 issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance is a gem and I wanted to share some of that issue with you.

Jun 19, 2019

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