The death of a family member, whether sudden or not, is an emotional time for family and friends. It is a time of mourning, as well as reminiscing about their life and the memories you shared. Sometimes, it can also leave you with many unanswered questions.

Preserve Your Digital Memories

Physical damage, passwords or encryption should not keep you away from invaluable memoirs tucked away on digital storage devices, such as phones, computers, USB flash drives, tablets, smartwatches and even vehicles.

Withum’s Professional Data Extraction services can uncover cherished pictures, messages and important information as well as identify accounts from your loved one for you to use and keep safe during this difficult time.

We will professionally identify, recover and preserve your loved one’s digital assets and memorabilia with the highest levels of expertise, security and privacy.

How It Works

  1. Answer a quick survey about the devices you want us to extract from. We will extract pictures and text messages from these devices
  2. View your price quote
  3. Purchase your data extraction package and create a secure online account
  4. Ship your devices to our team for evaluation and extraction using the shipping instructions our team provides
  5. Once we’re done, we’ll give you secure online access* to the data we find, as well as ship you a physical storage device containing the data

*Online access to your data via our secure cloud is free for one month. Automatic billing will begin at the conclusion of this trial period.

Please note the evaluation of your device will occur before data extraction begins in order to determine eligibility and definitive pricing. Our standard evaluation cost is $250 which is built into the total data extraction package cost quote. Your quote may be adjusted after the actual evaluation takes place.

Our basic retrieval includes pictures and text messages.Reach out to our teamto discuss your additional data extraction options, including cell-tower locations, documents, and more.