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Microsoft Azure Data Analytics Services

Does your organization produce a wealth of data? Do you fear your data isn’t being leveraged as well as it could be? Could your decision making processes be more data driven?

If you’re nodding your head yes, our Azure data analytics services are for you.

Keep reading to learn what Microsoft Azure is, how it can be used as an enterprise analytics tool, and how our team of data scientists can help you reveal insights that will propel your organization forward.

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure platform is a cloud computing platform released in early 2010. Azure provides both platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Azure is technology agnostic, meaning it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft and non Microsoft technologies alike (e.g., Linux OS or Hadoop).

Azure has a plethora of use cases including; storage, networking, web and mobile, databases, security, monitoring, and analytics.

Using Azure for Big Data Analytics

Benefits of Using Azure Data Analytics Services
Bring all your data together: Not all systems can pass data to and from one another seamlessly. Azure enables extracting, transferring, and loading (ETL) of data from disparate systems, so that it can be analyzed and visualized in one place.

Compile and analyze unstructured data: Unstructured data sets, such as health care records or audio files, are notoriously difficult to aggregate and analyze. Azure analytics empowers you to do just that, by warehousing data in an environment that supports simple querying.

Real time analytics: Azure enables autonomous and constant data syncing, meaning you always have fresh analytics at your disposal to make the tough decisions easier.

Scale up or down rapidly: The cloud based nature of Azure enables your applications to scale up or down quickly, without risk of downtime or slowed performance.

Only pay for what you use: Provisioning resources is a click away. When you need to scale up, you can do so immediately. When traffic diminishes, drop unused resources. This “pay for what you use” model reduces IT total cost of ownership (TCO).
Get to Know the Azure Analytics Suite
Azure’s analytics suite includes Power BI Embed, HDInsight, Machine Learning, Stream Analytics, Log Analytics, Data Lake Store, Apache Spark and much more. Read Microsoft’s documentation on Azure to discover more analytics technologies the platform supports.

Are you ready to use big data analytics to gather actionable insights? Contact Withum today and see how our team of data scientists can help you.

Withum’s Azure Analytics Services

As a Microsoft partner, Withum has been designing, developing, implementing and customizing technology for information sharing since 2002. More recently, our capabilities have expanded to include enterprise level analytics consulting through Azure.

As a member of Microsoft’s invite only Power BI Red Carpet Program, we can assure you that only the best data scientists will be at your service.

Our Azure Analytics Process
Consulting on what you need: The sheer number of technologies at your disposal can be overwhelming. Our data scientists pinpoint the specific technology stack you need to solve your problems.
Turnkey solutions to address persistent challenges: While every organization is unique, the analytics challenges you’re facing may not be. As a result, an affordable turnkey solution may empower you with the analytics you need.
Custom solutions for specialized needs: Sometimes turnkey isn’t enough. Why force a round peg in a square hole? If you have specialized data challenges and needs, our team of data scientists can design, develop and support a custom solution.
Who Our Azure Analytics Services Are For
Organizations already using Microsoft technology stack: If you’re already using a Microsoft technology stack, tacking on Azure analytics is simple and powerful.
Organizations using other technology stacks: If you’re technology stack isn’t Microsoft centric (e.g., Oracle), Azure analytics is still for you. The cloud platform was designed to support any and all technologies.
Organizations that need to better leverage information: If you’re producing a high volume of data, you stand to benefit from Azure analytics. Our team of data scientists and developers have worked with global pharmaceutical companies, technology companies, non-profits, law firms, associations, and various government agencies.
If you’d like to speak with a data scientist to learn more about our Azure Analytics services, click here.

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