10 Smart Ideas to Keep Data Safe From Hackers

July 23, 2014

1 CPE Credit

As more doctors and hospitals go digital with medical records, and as more of the general public have mobile devices with internet connectivity with them at all times, the size and frequency of data breaches are alarmingly on the rise. Keeping data safe from hackers has never been as greater challenge to doctors and public health officials as it is today. And following last December’s Target superstore credit card breach, where up to 110 million customers had their personal information stolen in one of the largest data thefts in retail history, many doctors and patients are concerned about whether or not their data is safe anywhere.


Sumit Pal, Principal with WithumSmith+Brown and a practice leader of the firm’s Governance, Risk & Compliance Group, shares his Top 10 list of ideas and preventative measures which may help you reduce the risk of having your data stolen by hackers.

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