Take your fitness and wellness company to the next level with Withum’s expert services! The fitness and wellness industry comprises of a large array of businesses with a magnitude of products and services. These companies are developed to help individuals improve both their physical and mental well-being. The industry is becoming increasingly diverse with the arrival of virtual reality and online accessibility.

Your products are developed to help individuals improve both their physical and mental well-being and our trusted advisors are here to assist your needs, from the tax planning and compliance stages to audits, cybersecurity compliance and business valuations for later stages.

Our understanding of the nuances of the fitness industry and taking the time to be your partner will allow your team to focus on your continued success.

Who We Help

  • Gyms and Private Fitness Centers
  • Health Clubs, Spa and Wellness Centers
  • Supplement bars and wellness lounges
  • Yoga and Pilates Studios
  • Fitness Equipment and Supplement Manufacturers, Distributors and Resellers

Fitness and Wellness Industry Trends and Challenges

During recent years, the fitness and wellness industry encountered a rebirth of interest in at-home personal fitness with an almost 50% increase in online users. Is your facility prepared for this change?

Online retailers have reaped the rewards of e-commerce’s tremendous growth in popularity and use butthis comes with some unexpected challenges. Withum’s Fitness and Wellness Team can help prepare you and your business for these challenges. 

Learn more about the E-Commerce as the New Norm 

Many e-commerce-focused businesses are unaware of the sales tax consequences of doing business across the country. Withum’s robust team of professionals can assist your business with sales tax nexus and reduce your overall tax liability.

Learn more about Sales Tax Opportunities 

With the considerable amount of inventory coming and going, companies need an inventory management solution in place to limit mistakes and increase profitability. Online retailers need a strong inventory management system to be successful, and Withum advisors can help your business achieve that success with our solutions.

Learn more about automating your Inventory Management processes

Every company has valuable data and protected personal information (PPI) on their technology devices and would like to keep it secure. More than ever, cyber threats put this sensitive information at risk. Let us safeguard your business’s data.

Learn more about how we can help you evaluate your security protocols

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Unleash the financial potential of your Fitness and Wellness business. Let our proven accounting and advisory services help you reach new heights. Start your journey to success now!

Fitness and Wellness Accounting and Advisory Services

Fitness and Wellness Accounting Services

  • Inventory valuation and control
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Assistance with initial franchise acquisitions
  • Due diligence and return on investment analysis
  • Inventory valuation and control

Fitness and Wellness Advisory Services

Fitness and Wellness Tax Services


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