Meet Our New Partners

Get to know more aboutour new partners. Find out whathelped shape their journey to partner, keeps them motivated andreminds them to have fun and live life passionately.

Brandon Attaway

A good leader is someone who wants to see their people succeed.

Lonnie Bloom

My family is the root of my inspiration to achieve my goals.

Jessica Cicero

My parents taught me to work hard for everything I want and not to give up, even if something is challenging or seems impossible. 

Colleen Fay

What many do not know about me is that I play soccer on a team called the Mambas!

Joe Fede

I am the oldest of four siblings; while my parents are not accountants, all four of us are.

Marina Gentile

I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and can see the possibilities that did not previously exist.

Ashleigh Hall

I spent a month working at a dive shop in St. Thomas to complete my certification as a PADI-certified Divemaster.

Andrew Hills

I was in the school choir for multiple years but now have zero singing ability.

Nicole Liebman

I would rather watch a pro-sports game, especially hockey, over any television series.

Brian McIntyre

I take initiative to solve problems, be detail-oriented and use each day as an opportunity to improve.

Sara Palovick

I will be there to congratulate you when it goes well and to be that backstop in the cases where it doesn’t. 

Disha Patel

My parents are first-generation immigrants to this country and inspire me to be the best person that I can be.

Melissa Roth

I love model building, specifically Legos.

Lenny Smith

I’m excited to say that I have rejoined the world of pigeon racing! I look forward to continuing this tradition with my newborn son once he’s old enough to walk.

Kristen Stinson

My dad's passion for football and his ability to be a positive influence in the lives of so many young athletes is not only inspiring but admirable to me.

Matthew Walsh

I’ve been known to tell my fisherman family members ‘you’re doing too much, do less’ when it comes to angling – maybe that’s why they catch more fish than me…

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