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The Partners' Network

Do you know about The Partners' Network? It is a program organized by WS+B partner Edward Mendlowitz, CPA, intended to support smaller accounting practices in areas where they need help or do not perform services. Members are welcome and encouraged to call us with any issues and questions they have where we might be able to assist them. This includes managing their practices and succession planning as well as accounting, auditing, specialized tax services, business valuation, and forensic accounting. We also assist in niche areas where we are particularly strong such as construction contractors, manufacturers, health care organizations, real estate developers, and financial services including hedge funds, broker dealers and public companies.

Partners' Network Newsletter

10 Ways to Share with Clients

I occasionally receive, “I saw this, and I thought of you!” emails or mailings containing articles or education opportunities from friends and colleagues. I must say, I really enjoy receiving them; it makes me feel that the person sharing the information sincerely cares about our relationship. Imagine how a client will feel when they read or hear that same message from you? It is human nature to want to feel appreciated, understood and valued, and “thought of you” messages can go a long way in helping maintain a personal relationship with your clients. Here are 10 things you can easily share

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Growing From Others' Experiences

Growing From Other's Experience

Tips from 23 exceptional books where the authors shared their finest recommendations for success. Ed takes these best ideas and practices and applies them to accounting firms the owners want to excel.

Presented by Edward Mendlowitz, CPA, WS+B Partner

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