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Marital Dissolution

At WS+B, we pride ourselves on our ability to combine technical competence and compassionate understanding during a difficult time.

WS+B's marital dissolution consultants have a wealth of experience assisting clients and attorneys in divorce matters that include:

  • Assistance in discovery
  • Case information statement preparation
  • Marital estate determination
  • Tracing and documenting exempt assets
  • Cash flow and disposable income determination
  • Mediation and early settlement services
  • Business valuations
  • Forensic and fraud services
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Lifestyle analysis

Our specialists hold advanced degrees and qualifications in a variety of litigation support specialty areas. They are frequently court appointed by Family Court judges and have testified throughout the state of New Jersey. They are often agreed upon by attorneys and their clients to help minimize the potential high litigation costs involved in many divorce proceedings.

At WS+B, we also draw upon our firm-wide resources to assist in complex matrimonial cases. Our professional staff includes industry specialists in health care, insurance, manufacturing, professional practices, investments, estate planning, tax planning, international commerce, technology and many other areas.

Our financial expertise and specialized training supports every stage of the divorce process. We can provide assistance from the planning stages to the discovery stages, and all the way through to post-judgment matters. Put yourself in a personal position of strength.

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