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Litigation Fund Administration Services

WithumSmith+Brown, PC offers a full range of services related to Litigation Fund Administration, including Joint Defense Groups and Municipal Settlement Groups. Our specialists currently serve as trustees for over twenty litigation funds and oversee the administration of these funds.

Services include:

  • Initial establishment of fund, open trust bank accounts, invoice members, and maintain required allocation spreadsheets.
  • Receipt of payments from members, recordkeeping for all cash receipts.
  • Payment of vendor invoices, amounts due to governmental units, agencies, etc, and recordkeeping for all disbursements and fund transactions.
  • Calculation of interest due, breakdown of disbursements into component parts, update of allocation spreadsheets.
  • Preparation of reports to members, government, etc.
  • Preparation of required tax forms, if applicable.
  • Withdrawal calculations/final fund dissolution.

Please contact Marietta Bennett for additional information.

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