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Business Process and Control Improvement

Through its WithumSmith+Brown Global Assurance (WS+B GA) division, WS+B provides a rigorous commitment to professional excellence in handling all of your governance, risk and compliance needs. Our driving force is our professional responsibility to our clients. Every other business consideration comes second.

We use customized tools and methodologies as well as the experience and wisdom gained through years of working in partnership with small to mid-sized corporations to deliver solutions which are built on a complete understanding of our client's business and industry standards.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) has transformed business for public and nonpublic companies alike. Proactive private companies and even not-for-profits should be performing cost-benefit analyses to strengthen their boards and add key internal controls. These requirements formalize the responsibility of management and boards for external reporting. Management is now personally accountable for the controls over the financial reporting, ethics and the "tone at the top."

Our approach is to assess problems, examine alternate solutions and help our clients determine the best solutions for their organization. Our staff has the requisite training, qualifications and experience to help our clients address matters relating to compliance issues under SOX. Working with your management executives, WS+B GA will:

  • Guide you in defining your corporate governance needs
  • Adopt an integrated finance and IT approach
  • Apply an extensive knowledge of internal controls
  • Utilize the COSO* framework and appropriate tools
  • Propose actions and tools to implement board due diligence/fiduciary responsibility
  • Propose manual, system and process efficiencies
  • Produce documentation and deliverables for long-term use

WS+B GA's depth and breadth of expertise include everything from operations control reviews to sophisticated audit compliance. Our experience is exceptionally deep in a wide variety of industries -- from healthcare to construction, from law firms to manufacturers, from high-tech companies to service organizations.

Our expertise also includes helping our clients in managing technology risks, with services extending from IT general control reviews to business continuity and disaster recovery plans all the way to the more holistic enterprise risk consulting, wherein we provide process assessments and risk analysis at the enterprise level.

Our Internal Audit services range from outsourcing the entire internal audit function to designing strategic plans for internal audit, performing quality assurance reviews of your existing audit programs, or simply providing specialized resources to augment existing internal audit departments.

We believe in earning our client's respect for our professional integrity, expert knowledge and our ability to understand the needs of our clients. In everything we do – there is always the stamp of excellence.

HLB International * A member of HLB International, a world-wide network of professional independent accounting firms and business advisers.