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WS+B Service

WS+B Information Technology Audit Practice

With companies migrating more and more into the digital realm, and people conducting more of their business and personal lives online, data security threats have increased exponentially. User-friendly technologies such as the mobile web and cloud storage are often hacker-friendly and probably open the door to identity theft, loss of proprietary information, reputational damage, and regulatory involvement. On this playing field, companies must deploy an ever-more robust defense.

Despite all the attention around data security, the risk of breaches is only likely to get worse, perhaps much worse. Why? Firstly, companies today maintain far greater amounts of personal data on customers and employees than ever before. Secondly, there is the proliferation of technology. Todayís criminals pursue smaller businesses as the larger organizations improve their defenses. Every business has a bank account, a customer database, a product design, or some other asset of value. While data thieves have become more inventive, corporate policies, procedures, tools, training, and compliance efforts havenít kept up.

Given this digital age and threat scenario, WS+B provides an expert suite of IT audit services to assess critical vulnerabilities currently present within your IT infrastructure to safeguard your valuable corporate information assets and infrastructure. Our highly experienced and certified professionals will provide you with comprehensive yet pragmatic solutions. Our best-of-breed practices utilize modern techniques and procedures to determine your risk tolerance and how it relates to your IT infrastructure. Our procedures have been designed to minimize disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Depending on your needs, our staff can perform single audits encompassing all areas of technology, or a comprehensive series of audits scheduled throughout the year. We can also provide experienced consultants to supplement your existing in-house Internal Audit resources and help transfer knowledge and build skills internally within your team. Advantages of partnering with us include greater audit efficiency, reduced staff travel expenses, complete objectivity and confidentiality.

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