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Intellectual Property and Royalty Audits

When licensing agreements remain unaudited, there is risk of losing hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars in uncollected royalties to which you may be legally entitled. Let WS+B strengthen your position.

Violations of licensing agreements can occur under a variety of circumstances, ranging from a lack of understanding of the agreement by the licensee to calculation errors, poor internal controls and even intentional misconduct. WS+B can assist in determining the amount of any unpaid royalty fees, reclaiming those fees and preventing future losses. Whether you hold a patent, copyright or trademark, we can provide royalty compliance services for:

Telecommunications and Technology

  • Software
  • Web sites
  • Multimedia
  • Automotive


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Orthopedic implants
  • Plant & seed varieties
  • Mineral rights

The Arts

  • Literature
  • Artwork
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Characters

Our intellectual property specialists have successfully benefited inventors, writers, producers, actors, agents, patent attorneys and intellectual property lawyers. With our specialty services in royalty audits and compliance, valuation and litigation support, WS+B can help you realize and regain the full value of your creative assets.

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