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Few pieces of legislation have had such far reaching impact on the business community as the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX). With management now personally accountable for establishing a system of internal controls over financial reporting and for creating a proper "tone at the top," SOX has transformed the way public and private entities do business.

WithumSmith+Brown, PC's (WS+B) Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Practice provides a myriad of services to public and private companies of all sizes. Through its dedicated consulting division, WithumSmith+Brown Global Assurance, LLC (WS+B GA), the GRC Group's primary focus is to add value while helping companies through the maze of complex compliance rules.

WS+B's driving force is our professional commitment to client services by providing a value-added component to compliance. This is accomplished by utilizing only experienced GRC specialists on engagements. And through constant communications with internal management and the independent auditors, we ensure an effective and efficient process that not only helps identify key controls, but also opportunities to replace manual controls with more efficient IT controls.

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10 Smart Ideas for Keeping Data Safe from Hackers

Keep Data Safe from Hackers

Following last Decemberís Target credit card breach, where up to 110 million customers had their personal information stolen in one of the largest data thefts in retail history, many people are understandably concerned about whether or not their data is safe. As a preventative measure, the following ten tips / smart ideas may reduce the risk of having your data stolen by hackers.

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