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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WS+B forms Storm Sandy Task Force, Post-Storm Recovery Plan

Every business in New Jersey and the Greater New York area has likely been affected by Superstorm Sandy at some degree - at minimum with power outages; and sadly, some with complete devastation. In response, WithumSmith+Brown formed the Storm Sandy Task Force, whose mission is to help with post-storm damage claims and recovery plans.


Through our vast resources, there are many ways WithumSmith+Brown can assist individuals, businesses and governmental bodies through the recovery process, helping solve their immediate problems at hand:


·         Preparation of property damage claim and/or business interruption reports;

·         Defense of such damage claim reports;

·         Monitoring clean-up and construction operations;

·         Navigating the insurance and FEMA process;

·         Related tax, audit and accounting services, particularly how damage claims and resulting recovery funds will impact their 2012 tax returns.


Immediately following the disastrous storm, members of the WS+B team pulled together to form the Storm Sandy Task Force, comprised of Industry Practice Leaders and members of our Litigation Support Team our Tax Department, all of whom have the deep expertise required for these challenging times:


Litigation and Damage Claims/Business Interruption Services:

·         Bill Morrison,

·         Tom Reck,  

·         Tom Hoberman,

·         Randy Paulikens,

·         Jack O'Donnell,

·         Ken DeGraw,

·         Jim Weeks,


Tax Services:

·         Dave Springsteen,


Not-for-Profit, Government:

·         Nancy Davis,

·         Richard Cohen,  

·         Jim Decker,


Real Estate and Construction:

·         Mike Stallone,

·         Rebecca Machinga,

·         Lou Sandor,

·         Ron Martino,



·         Lewis Bivona,



·         Jim Bourke,



·         Scott Mariani,

·         Tony Panico,


Public Companies, Compliance:

·         Tom Basilo,

·         Bernie Leone,


WS+B also established a post-storm resources section on the home page of, which links to articles of interest, helpful online resources, and a .pdf of Insurance Claim Tips which everyone should have. 


Our goal is to help the New Jersey and Greater New York business communities Be in a Position of Strength once again. 


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