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WS+B serves a variety of clients in the real estate industry, including commercial, residential and industrial property developers, owners/investors, managers, agents and brokers. Properties include residential homes, apartment buildings, condominium and town home communities, low-income housing, golf course communities, shopping centers, parking facilities, offices and commercial buildings.

Our real estate specialists thoroughly understand the intricacies of your industry, including issues related to government regulations (HUD, low-income housing credits, etc.). At WS+B, we'll provide you with the in-depth knowledge, technical skills and financial advice required by real estate professionals to compete and succeed.

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Real Estate Professionals and Medicare Surtax

Real Estate Professionals and Medicare Surtax

For individuals with investments in real estate, qualification as a real estate professional can result in many favorable tax consequences. While losses from real estate activities are passive per se, the losses of a real estate professional are considered ordinary losses available to offset other ordinary income.

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The long-awaited final repair and maintenance regulations: They're here

These final regulations are intended to help you decide whether or not to capitalize the next major expense item you incur. Much like all areas of accounting, there is still some room for interpretation and case by case scenarios.

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Getting more out of Your Commercial Leasing Software

Modern commercial real estate lease accounting software provides ample features to make day-to-day management of the leasing business more manageable.

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