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With waning trends in consumer confidence, an increase in international and domestic competition with added government regulations and market saturation, the consumer product industry is seeing slim profit margins and market share. With these challenges you and your company face in the industry marketplace, it is important to have a partner who understands your needs and can provide personalized, client service and solutions. Beyond traditional accounting, auditing and tax services, at WithumSmith+Brown, PC (WS+B), our clients know our business goal is to put their company in a position of strength. Learn More About Our Services.

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4 Key Areas Business Owners Need to Focus on Due to the Minimum Wage Increase

4 Key Areas Business Owners Need to Focus on Due to the Minimum Wage Increase

There is no argument that everyone deserves to live above the poverty level and an increase in the minimum wage will help provide families the ability to live a better life. However, for the small business owner, this is a very different issue. Many small businesses are still struggling to recover from a poor economy over the past few years while maintaining their current workforce. So what can the small business owner do in reaction to this increase? The following are four key areas that must be analyzed to offset the increased cost of a higher minimum wage.

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