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Jack Mans, Staff Accountant II
The Intern Experience

Photo of Jack Mans I had no idea what to expect as I walked into the office on the first day of my internship at WithumSmith+Brown. Prior to the internship, I was not sure if I would prefer tax or audit and hoped that I would get to experience both. The first couple of weeks of my internship were quiet. Due to the majority of staff being away on audits, the office was empty. In the beginning, I spent most of my time preparing a few individual tax returns while asking countless questions. Tax season did not seem so chaotic, or at least I thought that was the case for a short while, until the bulk of the work arrived in March. Although I was consumed with tax returns, I got the chance to work in the field on two separate occasions with clients in very different industries. I was able to distinguish the differences between auditing and tax engagements and the way they are handled.

Shortly after the internship began, I accepted a position at the firm and was given the opportunity to travel to Florida and Texas. During these trips, I had more interaction with clients. My internship helped to prepare me for these unique opportunities by exposing me to clients. I have always liked traveling and these trips confirmed that this interest of mine is something I will also enjoy throughout my career.

An important factor in my decision to stay with the firm was the work environment. The surrounding employees made my decision to stay in public accounting easier. It was important to me to have fellow employees who were close to my age who understood what I was going through as I entered a career in public accounting. I enjoyed being around the people I was working with, which helped the transition to my career.

Published on on December 1, 2009.

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