Profiles of Success

Christine O'Horo, CPA, MBA, WS+B Manager
Employee since 2001

Photo of Christine O'Horo How did you get your start with WS+B?
As a college junior exploring my internship options, a client of WS+B told me about the Firm. He had been a client for many years and raved about the people here. I conducted my own research on WS+B and discovered its stellar reputation. I was hired as a summer intern and ultimately a full-time employee. Since then I've been afforded the opportunity to grow with the Firm and after a series of promotions, I am now a Manager.

What surprised you the most about the Firm?
I was pleasantly surprised by the steady growth of the Firm. When I began at WS+B, it was much smaller than it is today. This just demonstrates the Firm's success in attracting top-notch employees and clients who contribute to its expansion. Despite the changes inherent in growth the focused, friendly and open atmosphere is exactly the same as it was when I began my career here. I find this encouraging and beneficial to my future at WS+B.

What advice would you give to a college student exploring accounting firms?
Consider what led you to choose the college you attended. More likely than not, the same attributes may be of importance when you are looking for your first job. I chose a mid-sized college because that was the type of environment in which I was comfortable. I later realized that the same quality had drawn me to WS+B. This is a setting in which I can work hard, learn and grow but also enjoy myself and have fun. I feel fortunate to have found that at WS+B.

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