Careers at Withum

Michael Pintabone, CPA, Senior Manager

Employee Since 2000

How did you get started with WS+B?

Mike Pintabone
Like many of my WS+B colleagues, I learned about the Firm from a WS+B client. Personally, I couldn’t think of a more credible referral source than a satisfied client. I did a little research about WS+B, applied, and found my home in the New Brunswick office. It’s been an incredible journey ever since. I couldn’t be happier about that referral.

You’ve had some great experiences, and have been promoted several times. What’s your secret for success?

Success goes beyond just the technical skills. My work ethic has certainly been a factor, and I’m grateful for that recognition. I also bring my personality to my work here. A little humor and individuality go a long way. Most of all though, the partners have put their faith in me. And so I aimed to surpass their expectations.

What advice would you give someone exploring to work at a CPA Firm?

Don’t just take a job. Find a place where you can create a career path. It’s important to find a place where people are willing to help you excel.